Flex Credits

It’s your choice. You get to decide how to spend your flex credits.

You can choose to allocate your flex credits to a health care spending account or a personal wellness account. You can also divide your flex credits between both accounts.

Health Care Spending Account

Deposit flex credits into your HCSA to help pay for health-related expenses that aren’t covered by your medical, prescription drug, or dental options. The HCSA is not taxable except for provincial income tax in Quebec. This account expires after 2 years.

Personal Wellness Account

Deposit flex credits into your personal wellness account to help pay for eligible expenses that include gym memberships, fitness equipment, nutritional services, weight loss programs, financial planning, and more.  Flex credits deposited in this account are subject to federal and provincial taxes, and never expires.

You can use your personal wellness account to be reimbursed for the following items.

  • Fitness Centre Membership
  • Personal Trainer Fees
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Health Risk Assessment
  • Stress Management
  • Lifestyle / Weight Management
  • Financial – Accounting, Bank Fees, RIFF Fees, RRSP Premiums and Charges
  • Prenatal Classes
  • Sports Clubs / Sports Team Membership / Registration
  • Fitness Equipment
  • Wellness-Related Health & Stress Management Programs
  • Golf & Country Club Fees
  • Instructional Learning Tools – Self-Development Books, Fitness Videos
  • Insurance – Broker Fees, Ergonomic Office Chair Expense, Handicapped Parking Permit, Travel Expenses
  • Vitamins / Minerals / Supplements / Natural Health Products
  • Online Fitness Classes
  • Meditation Apps (Such as Calm or Headspace)
  • Daycare Expenses
  • Environmental – Air Conditioner, Compost Bin, Dehumidifier, Green Home Initiatives 
  • Personal Development – Books, Computer Purchase, Professional Membership Fees

New Expenses for 2024


Spa Services

 (Facial, pedicures etc)

Sports Shoes

Sports Clothing

Fitness Watch

Things to Think About

  • When deciding whether to contribute to an HCSA, consider if you or eligible family members will have medical-related expenses that will not be paid or only partially paid by your medical, prescription drug, or dental options.
  • Remember, you must use the flex credits in your HCSA within two years or they are forfeited.
  • In Quebec, provincial taxes (but not federal taxes) apply on the value of claims reimbursed from the HCSA.

View Detailed Benefit Guide for more information.

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