Understanding Your Flexible Benefit Plan

Informed benefit decisions take the guesswork out of your health and economic security.

A Step-by-Step Plan for Benefit Enrollment

We’re all different—different ages, married, single, have kids, don’t have kids—and our benefit needs are different.  The Flexible Benefits Plan offered by Gordon Food Service helps you tailor a benefits package that meets your specific needs.  Here’s a step-by-step plan for your benefit enrollment:

To get ready to select your benefits you should:

  • Gather information on how much you and your family normally spend for medical, prescription drugs, and dental supplies and services.
  • Check to see if you have benefits through your spouse and, if so, what your spouse’s plan covers. You have several ways to combine two benefit plans cost-effectively.
  • If you have any private insurance coverage, such as life insurance for you or your spouse, you should review that coverage.

Know what’s available to you. Review all the material about the plan in the Detailed Benefit Guide or review your options here.

Select one option in each benefit area that best meets your needs and your family’s needs.

Make your selections online. Be sure to enroll before the deadline. Go to https://workday.gfs.com.

How the Flexible Benefit Plan Works

Every employee is unique and benefit needs vary.  So, the Gordon Food Service Flexible Benefits Plan offers you different options for each of these benefits:

  • Medical
  • Dental
  • Prescription Drug
  • Flex Credits
  • Child & Elder Care
  • Health Care Spending Account (HCSA)
  • Personal Wellness Account
  • Life Insurance for Employee, Spouse, and Children
  • Accidental Death & Dismemberment (AD&D) Insurance for Employee, Spouse, and Children
  • Critical Illness Insurance
  • Long-Term & Short-Term Disability Insurance for Employee

You will choose the eligible family members to be covered by selecting a coverage level for your medical, prescription drug, and dental options from among these three:

  • Employee only;
  • Employee plus one dependent (spouse or child); or
  • Employee plus two or more dependents.

You can choose to allocate your flex credits to a healthcare spending account or a personal wellness account. You can also divide your flex credits between both accounts.

You must enroll by the deadline communicated to you.  If you do not enroll on time:

New Employees:  You will be assigned the default package and your family will not be covered.  For Medical, Dental, and Drug it will be Single Coverage Option 3.  For AD&D, Life Insurance, and Disability it will be Option 1.

Current Employees:  You will be assigned the options you selected the previous year.

Coordination of Benefits

If your spouse has benefits coverage from an employer, you can usually coordinate the two benefit plans. This means you can submit your receipts to both plans and get up to 100 percent of your eligible expenses reimbursed.

Insurance industry guidelines (described below) determine where to send claims first—to the Gordon Food Service Flexible Benefits Plan or your spouse’s plan. The order is important.

Submit them to the Gordon Food Service Benefits Plan first.

Submit them to your spouse’s plan first.

If your birthday is earlier than your spouse’s in the calendar year, submit them to the Gordon Food Service Flexible Benefits Plan first. If your spouse’s birthday is first in the calendar year, submit them to your spouse’s plan first. For example, if your spouse’s birthday is July 18 and your birthday is November 18, then any expenses incurred by your children should be submitted to your spouse’s plan first.

Looking for More Information

You can view the Detailed Benefit Guide for added resources and information covering all of your benefit options.

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