Open Enrollment

Elect new benefits, learn about other options and plans, and choose what best suits you and your family.

Open Enrollment: Nov. 17 – Dec. 4

How the Gordon Food Service Flexible Enrollment Plan Works

Your Choices

Every employee is unique and benefit needs vary. So, the Gordon Food Service Flexible Benefits Plan offers you different levels of coverage, called options.

You will also choose the eligible family members to be covered by selecting a coverage level for your medical, prescription drug, and dental options from among these three: Employee only; Employee plus one dependent (spouse or child); or Employee plus two or more dependents.

Your Flex Credits

Each year Gordon Food Service provides an amount of flex credits. One flex credit equals one dollar. The flex credits can be allocated in either the personal wellness account and/or healthcare spending account.


You must enroll by the deadline communicated to you. If you do not enroll on time, your selections will remain the same as they were in the previous year, and your flex credits will default to healthcare spending.

Take full advantage of the plan and enroll on time.

What if things change?

You can change your dependents each year at the annual enrollment. You also can change your choices during the year if you have an eligible life event, such as a marriage, birth, or adoption. You will have 30 days after a life event to update your profile in Workday. Otherwise, you can change your benefits and update your dependents only during the next annual enrollment period.

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