Annual Profit Sharing

Our profit-sharing program is an investment in you and sets us apart in the industry

Profit sharing is an important way Gordon Food Service shares the success of the business with you. Since 1960, the plan has reflected our company’s values and the commitment of the Gordon family to employees.  The amount awarded each year is determined by the Board of Directors and is dependent on business results. Each year’s profit sharing allocation is announced at the Annual Celebrations held during November or December at every location. Profit Sharing is distributed before the end of January.


All part-time and full-time employees with more than three months of service in the fiscal year who work in the following divisions receive profit sharing:  Atlantic, British Columbia, Canada National, Montreal, Ontario, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg, Quebec, and Specialty Companies: Fresh Start East, Fresh Start West, Intercity Packers, JG-Rive, Liberio, Montcalm Meats, Trimen, and United.

Length of Service

Profit sharing is prorated based on an employee’s length of service in the fiscal year as follows:

  • Between 3 and  6 months, 25% of full amount
  • Between 6 and 9 months, 50% of full amount
  • Between 9 and 12 months, 75% of full amount
  • More than 12 months, full amount


Eligible employees will be sent a profit sharing contribution election form in December. You can use the form to indicate if you want to receive your profit sharing in cash or have it deposited into your retirement savings account. If you choose to deposit into your retirement savings account, you will receive an additional 25% in profit sharing.

Have Questions About the Profit Sharing Contribution?

We have answers. See frequently asked questions about our Profit Sharing Contribution offered to our employees.

Our Pay Philosophy

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